History of the Campbell Soup Company

Campbell's creates food for today. With our quality ranges of soups, stocks, sauces and juices, Campbell's is changing the way Australians think about food!

The Campbell Soup Company began in 1869 in Camden, New Jersey, USA. The company was originally called the Joseph A Campbell Preserve Company and made
canned tomatoes and vegetables, jellies, soups, condiments and minced meats.

In 1897, a major milestone occurred when Arthur Dorrance, the general manager of the company, reluctantly hired his 24-year-old nephew to join the company.
Dr. John T. Dorrance, a chemist who had trained in Europe, was so determined to join Campbell that he agreed to pay for laboratory equipment out of his own pocket and accept a token salary of just $7.50 per week. In 1897, Dr John T Torrance invented condensed soup. This invention revolutionised soup....

The Campbell Soup Company is famous for its high quality products. In 1876, the company was awarded a medal for quality at the Centennial Exhibition.
In 1900, Campbell's soups won the Gold Medallion for excellence as the Paris Exposition, which has been featured on cans ever since.

In 1961, Campbell's entered the Australian market and in 1964, Campbell's opened a manufacturing facility at Shepparton, Victoria.
Today, this state of the art facility is seven kitchens in one, and creates soups, stocks, sauces and juices for Australia, New Zealand, UK and some Asian markets.