Corporate Profile

The Campbell Soup Company started in 1869 in Camden, New Jersey. In 1961, Campbell's entered the Australian market through the acquisition of the Kia-Ora business.

In 1964, the Campbell’s manufacturing facility was opened in Shepparton, combining the operations formerly performed by the Kia-Ora Company in Bendigo and Prahran.

The Shepparton site was chosen for five main reasons:

  • A plentiful supply of water was available in the region;
  • Labour was abundant in this area;
  • Shepparton was the centre of a large tomato growing area, an ingredient that the company required in large quantities;
  • The site was adjacent to suitable rail facilities;
  • Sufficient land was available to accommodate the agricultural research establishment and the plant building.

Campbell’s products are manufactured in Australia and exported to different regions around the world, including parts of UK, Asia, New Zealand and Canada.

Today, Campbell’s employs approximately 400 people in Australia and New Zealand, and operates as the Headquarters of Campbell’s Asia Pacific. Campbell’s corporate office is located in Sydney, with sales offices in every state.